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2017-2018 School Year
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Orientation Schedule
Miss Barbara Infant Room
Miss Kwi
Step-up Toddlers Room
Miss Katie
 AM 2's
Miss Annemarie
 Full Day
Step-Up 2's
Miss Jennifer
 Full Day 2's
Darling Ducklings
Blooming Butterflies
Fabulous Frogs
Dazzling Dalmations
Miss Caitlin
 Half Day PreK
Miss Danielle
 Mini Day PreK
Miss Lauren W.
 Half Day 3's
Miss Keisha
 Mini Day 3's
Miss Stefanie
 Full Day 3's
Fantastic Fish
Friendly Fireflies
Perky Pigeons
Lovable Lions
Busy Bees
Miss Kelly
 Accelerated Full Day PreK
Miss Lauren P.
 Full Day PreK
Miss Nicole
 Full Day PreK
Lovable Ladybugs
Outstanding Owls
Curious Caterpillars
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My two sons attended B.E.S.T. Learning Center for 9 years!  They both went to the school since they were in the 2-year old classes and continue to go every summer for Summer Camp.  The preschool programs, (especially the Pre-Kindergarten classes), really prepared them for elementary school.  My boys were more than ready to go on to Kindergarten in the Smithtown School District.  They learned letter recognition and all the letter sounds, beginner sight words and how to write them all.  B.E.S.T. not only taught them more than they needed to know academically but it taught them social skills, routines, how to follow directions and they had a great time while learning!  The environment is safe, loving and fun!  My boys still look forward to going every summer! 

~Kristina Lomando

My children went to B.E.S.T. Learning Center since they were babies.  I never had to worry when I went to work.  I knew that my kids were with loving, kind and sincere teachers and staff.  It became my children’s home away from home.  The staff established a real and caring relationship with my entire family.  My children flourished at B.E.S.T. and I highly recommend it!
My grandchildren now attend and they love it too, just proving that the school has a wonderful program and they establish happy and respectful long-term relationships with their families.
                                                                                                                           ~Christine Rasmussen

      Class of 1999 ... Now an NYPD Officer
Class of 2016 ... Now a 1st Grader
Future Alumni
Future PreK Class of 2020